Margate Moravian Church meets each Sunday @ 9:00am at 1801 NW 65th Avenue, Margate, FL 33063 (Cokesbury United Methodist Church)

You are also invited to worship with us online on Sunday @ 9:00am.

Click here for  YouTube (also past Church Services)

———————————————————————————————————————————–We welcome you to visit us. You will be warmly received as you interact with a group of persons committed to serving the Lord in diverse ways. We are dedicated to spreading the gospel of Christ and sharing His love with others. Empowerment of members is a key issue, therefore our church offers a variety of ministries and activities for the entire family – Our Prayer is that God’s Wonderful Love will extend to all people on Earth, and that we will continue to serve God faithfully every day.

We invite you to Give to the Ministries of Margate Moravian Church


We invite youth to participate in various programs and activities aimed at spiritual growth, personal development and fostering of good values. Regular activities include Youth Choir and Youth Fellowship where we discuss relevant topics, participate in games and Bible study. Annually we have Summer Vacation Bible School and Youth Weekend Retreat, concerts/drama productions and various field trips.


We invite you to be a part of the Women’s Fellowship, and become actively involved in the growth of our church. We are a dynamic, God-serving group of women dedicated to multifaceted ministry. Activities include Bible study, seminars on topics such as Living Healthy, visiting of sick and shut-in members, Women’s retreats and regular leadership of church services.


The men of Margate would like you to join us. We are actively involved in various areas of church life, serving as mentors and resource persons. Our regular activities include monthly meetings where we participate in Bible study and discussion of topical issues. We also host various fundraising events such as Christian-themed movie nights.

About Us

Margate Moravian Story

Under the leadership of Rev. Joseph Nicholas and Rev. Cedric Palmer, the Margate Moravian Fellowship started in 2004 as an outreach of the Prince of Peace Moravian Church in Miami. Over the years, we have been served faithfully by Rev. Percival Gordon, Rev. Errol Gentles and Rev. Frank Barker. In May 2023, Margate Moravian Church was granted congregational status. Average weekly attendance is 60 (in-person and online). Worship services are vibrant and inspiring, focused on praising God in diverse ways, heavily influenced by the Caribbean backgrounds of most of the members. Our current Pastors are: Rev. Dr. Dion Christopher, Rev. Eulencine Christopher, Rev. George Bedford and Pastor Envoy Hodgson.

There is an emphasis on full participation by our members in the life of the church, recognizing and appreciating their various gifts. Therefore the Youth Group, Women’s Fellowship and Men’s Association are each responsible for conducting a number of Sunday Services during the year. In addition to regular items by the choir, members are encouraged to minister in song and other appropriate ways.
The Bible Study/Teaching sessions on Wednesdays cover spiritual and other associated life issues.
The youth ministry includes special activities for our young people such as a Family Fun Day, Vacation Bible School and Youth Retreat.
Special emphasis is also placed on ministering to the sick, shut-ins, and hungry homeless.


  • The Moravian Church is a mainline Protestant denomination with more than 550 years of Christian history.  Founded in 1457, before the Lutheran, Presbyterian, or Methodist churches; Moravians have long focused on faithful living and Christian unity.
  • Rather than concentrating on divisive doctrines, the Moravian Church preaches the basics of the faith, which all Christians share in common. Moravians are encouraged to live out their faith through service to those in need. Our mission work has concentrated on the poor and the powerless.
  • Jesus said “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me” (Matt 25:35–36 ).
  • The seal of the Moravian Church dates back to the sixteenth century, possibly earlier. In the center is the Lamb of God, a favorite symbol of the early Christian church. The Lamb is holding a staff, and from the staff waves the  glorious banner of victory. On the banner a cross is clearly displayed. The uniqueness of the lamb symbol for Moravians is the inscription attached (often in a circular band): “Our Lamb Has Conquered, Let us Follow Him.”  This symbolizes the triumph of Christ over death, sin, and the power of evil through His sacrificial death.  It combines faith in Christ with active discipleship in following His path of love and service.
  • To many, the term [Moravian] may denote Czech European ancestry, but to members of the Moravian church, the term helps to define our Christian beliefs. Few are direct descendants – all are spiritual descendants of the ancient Brethren. We come from all nationalities, all races, all religious backgrounds, and many walks of life to devote our life to Christ.

Moravian Background

Our faith is relationship – relationship with Jesus Christ. This provides a basis for relationship with each other. This should always be the foundation of our understanding of Moravian identity. The statements below as a way to describe this relationship.

  • Moravians believe in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Moravians believe that Jesus Christ is the way to God and God’s way to us.
  • Moravians believe that a personal, heart-felt relationship with God through Jesus Christ is an essential part of faith.
  • Moravians hold that faith in Jesus Christ must also be a community experience.
  • Moravians believe the Church is called into existence by Jesus Christ to serve Him and follow Him.
  • Moravians find guidance for doctrine and faith through the Bible.
  • Moravians share God’s love in word and deed with people of other cultures and in all the world.
  • Moravians have a heritage of creativity in our music and worship.
  • Moravians believe that discerning God’s will is a task to be shared among many leaders rather than to be vested in a single person or office.
  • Moravians place great value on their ties with Christians of other Moravian provinces and with Christians of other denominations throughout the world.





The rich history of Moravian Music continues, seasoned with contemporary presentations. For centuries, the Moravian church has been known as “the Singing Church”. Music is also enhanced by Caribbean cultural traditions. There are opportunities to play various instruments and join one of our choirs.

Helping Others


Over the years, we have endeavored to reach beyond the walls of our church. Join our outreach ministry in sharing God’s love with the hungry, abused and homeless in our community and internationally.



The Moravian church is ecumenical by nature. We readily  join in ministries with Christians of other denominations and other religious groups. We believe that God’s love is sufficient for everyone and in every circumstance.


Moravians Serving in Broward

Rev. Dr. Dion Christopher

Rev. Eulencine Christopher

Rev. George Bedford

Pastor Envoy Hodgson

Bro. Jeff Mason – Coordinator


Moravians Worshiping Online

Dear Sisters, Brothers, Friends of Margate Moravian,
Hope that you are all doing well, dealing with the challenges of this major health pandemic: coronavirus-COVID19. Prayers continue…..
In light of the latest CDC recommendation that gatherings be restricted to less than 10 persons, we will be using Zoom:

You are all invited to our Weekly Zoom Morning Service @ 9:00am.
Join Zoom Meeting online: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89327118510?pwd=WituMGxpRk5haFZ4c2RvZklsdmxwQT09 

or Call: 6468769923 Meeting ID: 893 2711 8510 Password: 393949

God Bless all of You..

We also invite you to participate in services presented online by Prince of Peace Moravian and other Moravian churches.

Prince of Peace @11:00am can be found at the link: princeofpeaceproclaimingtheword and on Prince of Peace Moravian Facebook (Choose Video ‘Live’)

We kindly invite You to Support our Church’s Various Ministries by clicking this Secure Link to Give.
Praise God for Continued Fellowship with All of You as we pass through this valley… assured of Mountain Top Experiences in our Future.

Visit their websites to learn more about how to watch these services. Note that all times are Eastern Standard.

Rolling Hills Moravian — 10:30AM Password: 706252
or call 9292056099 … Pin 934332823# • Calvary Moravian Church — 11:00 AMClemmons Moravian Church – 10:30 AM through FacebookHome Moravian Church – 10:00 AMFriedberg Moravian Church — 11:00 AMNew Philadelphia Moravian Church — 10:00 AM through FacebookTrinity Moravian Church –11:00 am EST Moravian Church Without Walls, an online worshipping community, is developing a service that will be shared via Zoom on Sunday, March 15 at 11:00 AM. Clemmons (WTOB 980) and Home (FM 101.5) also broadcast their worship over the radio.

Digital Ministries and Online Gatherings in the Time of Coronavirus Out of an abundance of caution, worshiping communities across the Moravian Church Southern Province are exploring alternative ways to gather in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, especially where large gatherings have been discouraged or cancelled. While unprecedented and frightening in many ways, this situation also presents a significant opportunity for the church at this moment to be present and to embody the life and vitality of the gospel in our communities. Our neighbors will be needing us, which gives us the opportunity to “take the church Jesus loves closer to the people Jesus loves.” We hope these additional resources will help churches and ministry leaders live faithfully in this moment.

Online Services (Livestreaming, Webcasting, Watching Services on Web) Several Moravian congregations livestream their Sunday morning worship services online and intend to do so for the near future, using essential pastoral and music staff.

Visit their websites for details about how you can listen. Interested in livestreaming? Some churches may consider offering their own Facebook Live worship services featuring their ministry and music staff only. This resource provides some helpful hints for your technologically-savvy volunteers. If Facebook is not your preference, Twitch might provide another simple alternative for livestreaming. Churchstreaming.tv is offering its service free for the next 90 days. Here’s an excellent short video, How to Livestream Your Church Service in 4 Easy Steps, that describes in very simple language how to broadcast some kind of worship material. Worship Video Conferences and Online Meetings Your congregation may also consider intentional, online worship where the online audience is the sole focus. Worship might even follow the same order: the bulletin could be shared on a webpage, through email, or simply in a group chat. Pastors could still share sermons. People could pray together, read liturgies, sing hymns, ask questions, offer reflections, or even discuss questions in breakout rooms of smaller groups. Video conferencing can engage your worship community online in new and powerful ways. Video conferencing platforms that provide this capability include Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, Cisco Webex Meetings, Microsoft Teams, and others. Zoom is a user-friendly, widelyused platform. The Pro plan ($14.99 per month for one host user) allows up to 100 participants (with free Zoom accounts) in its meetings, with the ability to upgrade that plan for over 100 participants. Research your options as some of these services are now offered free of charge. You can also use these services to have virtual meetings with your board and other church groups and committees. If you’d like to learn more about Zoom worship, this video resource from our Presbyterian brother, Bruce Reyes-Chow, walks you through the process of a Zoom worship experience and provides helpful training on how to lead such an experience. Here you’ll find the posting Rev. Reyes-Chow created to offer information and assistance to his members as they make the transition to a different form of worship. The Board of Cooperative Ministries is ready to assist should you have questions or need assistance with the Zoom video conferencing service.

Other Ideas and Resources • Encourage members to mail their tithes and offerings to the church office or use an online giving service, should that be an option. • Send emails on a daily or weekly basis with your own message referencing the Bible, the Moravian Daily Texts, and/or the Moravian Book of Worship. • Share links to other online resources, such as inspirational devotions like the Upper Room Daily Devotional, Living Compass Lenten Devotions (scroll to bottom of page for daily email signup), The Lent Project, or d365. • Read and reflect on the Weekly Moravian Message that appears on Moravian Church Sunday bulletins, which are also available online each Sunday. • Visit Daily Prayers for Moravians, a weekly prayer liturgy written by Bishop Chris Giesler. • The Interprovincial Board of Communication has posted four liturgies from the Moravian Book of Worship for possible use in alternative worship. These are for use by Moravian congregations and members. Additional resources will be added as we can make them available. • Encourage people to listen to the Moravian Church Without Walls podcast, which provides a daily audio reflection on the Moravian Daily Texts. Moravian Church Without Walls is also developing a worship service that will be shared via Zoom on Sunday, March 15 at 11:00 a.m. EDT. You can join this service here. • Encourage families to subscribe to BCM’s Loving Hearts United weekly family devotional. You’ll be able to find more resources for families (specific to the COVID19 crisis) on BCM’s website soon. • Consider some of the suggestions in this helpful resource from Abingdon Press, which includes information and reflections on the outbreak, and is suitable for an online adult Bible study. Other Help • Interprovincial Board of Communications: Mike Riess ([email protected]) is here to help and as webmaster of Moravian.org, is updating additional COVID-19 information for the church. • Board of Cooperative Ministries: Our staff is available to help you as you consider a variety of options. We’ve also called together a group of technology disciples, who’ll be assisting us as we provide technical assistance to you as you consider alternative worship and online gathering opportunities. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re working on additional resources right now. o Ruth Cole Burcaw, Executive Director ([email protected]) o Hanna Cheek Jackson, Special Projects Manager/Communications ([email protected]) o Beth Hayes, Director of Congregational Resources & Ministries/The Resource Center ([email protected]) o Heather Stevenson, Operations Coordinator/Administrative Support ([email protected]) o Austin Craver, Technical Production Coordinator ([email protected]) Ecumenical Partners and Organizations Our ecumenical partners and other national organizations are providing a wide variety of resources and links on their websites. Here are a few to peruse for creative ministry ideas: • Western NC Conference United Methodist Church • Western NC Conference UMC on Streaming Worship • Episcopal Diocese of NC Message on COVID-19 • ELCA (Lutheran Church) Resources • PCUSA (Presbyterian Church) Resources • Fresh Expressions (New Kinds of Church): They will be hosting a variety of free webinars in the coming days. • The Lewis Center for Church Leadership • FaithHealthNC • NextChurch – Network of leaders across the PCUSA In this time of pandemic preparedness and response, using different methods of communication provides support and care to our congregations. Worship is largely about connecting to God and to one another. When it comes to connecting with people in meaningful ways, there is no one right solution. Consider both your regular members and attendees as well as neighbors, both geographical and virtual, looking for ways to connect with your church. Online gatherings have the potential to engage people in new ways, and to reach new audiences with God’s word. God is present and working in our gatherings, both physically and virtually. Amen.

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